Jason Wu

Shanglin Wu.

Undergraduate Student

Peking University

About Me

Hi! I’m Shanglin(Jason) Wu. I’m an undergraduate student from Yuanpei College, Peking University and I’m major in artificial intelligence. I’m also a member of Tong class which is a program founded by Prof. Song-Chun Zhu. I’m interested in cognetive resoning and using ML method solving problems in social behavior and cog-science.


Undergraduate Program

2021- · Peking University(PKU)


Attending to develop PUGC platform PDnews in China Daily

Internship in Digital Media Center of China Daily, being a Product Manager contributing to artificial intelligence tools for video producers.

Helping build up digital devices for researches about Japanese macaques

Being Research Assistant at Comparative Cognetive Lab(CCL) in Cognetive Department, UCSD. Building up wireless devices for researches about Japanese macaques in Texas.